The City’s Ethics Commission decided earlier this week to continue their investigation into City Rep. Larry Romero even though he resigned from Council. Romero resigned after reportedly suffering a stroke in December of last year. He will remain the active city rep until another rep can be elected in May.

Romero was under investigation for allegedly trying to get a former business partner a contract as a financial adviser for the City. Romero never disclosed that he had previously worked with the owner of the company. City Manager Tommy Gonzalez gave the go-ahead to the attempt at hiring Noe Hinojosa without informing Council of the move. Gonzalez has been cleared of wrongdoing in that incident.

Since his reported stroke two months ago, Romero hasn't spoken to the media. He broke that silence Thursday and spoke to ABC 7. When asked if he is going to answer questions from the ethics commission, Romero said "I held a news conference. I was on ABC-7 Xtra for a half hour. I already answered all the questions. I left it all on the table, it's all out there so why do I have to do it again?"

About his remaining on the City payroll and not attending council meetings while he's actually working his day job, Romero said "I didn't know I was going to get paid after I resigned. The only way I found out was when I learned about it when the mayor told the media.

Romero’s ethics commission's hearing will be April 13th.

The commission says it needs to question Romero before the May 7th election.

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