City officials announced that the city’s Immunization Health Clinics have extended clinic hours to offer immunizations for kids heading back to school.

With El Paso Public Schools beginning the new school year in a few short weeks, a parent’s back-to-school checklist should include making sure vaccinations are up to date. If you find your child is due, it’s best to not wait until the last minute to get it done.

“We usually see [the rush to vaccinate] nearly triple in the month of August,” said Crystal Bedore, Immunizations Program Manager, via a city press release. “So, we want…parents [to know] they can have their children vaccinated earlier so they are not adding to or experiencing the congestion.”

To that end, all three of the city’s Immunization Health Clinics are operating Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and will remain open during the lunch hour as well.

The administration fee is $10.00 per child for one vaccine and $15.00 per child for two or more vaccines.

According to the city press release, children are usually required to receive vaccines upon entering daycare or elementary school, middle school, during high school, and before registering for college. Per state law, all students must have proof of required immunizations.

The law also allows the parent/guardian to choose an exemption from immunization requirements. You can find the El Paso Independent School District policy HERE, Socorro ISD HERE, and Ysleta Independent School District policy HERE.

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City of El Paso Immunization Health Clinic locations:

Central El Paso, 5115 El Paso Drive
Henderson Health Clinic, 721 South Mesa Street
Ysleta Health Center, 110 Candelaria Road

• Appointments can be made by calling 915-212-6555 or online at
• Parents and legal guardians are required to bring a photo ID and the child’s immunization record.

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