As I plan my baby shower I am looking for super cute Halloween party ideas. Yes, my baby shower is 'A Baby is Brewing' so it is witchy/Halloween-themed.

I wish every day could be Halloween, so I try to involve spooky things into just about anything I can. So for the food options at this baby shower, I have been searching local spots with creative ideas.

That is how I stumbled upon two local shops that are using a creepy charcuterie board technique to catch their customers' eyes.

The Culinary Studio/Jordy's came up with Halloween charcuterie boards with the option to just order a skull wrapped in prosciutto

I've seen great reviews on how it tastes, but some people are a little creeped out with how it looks. You are eating meat off a skull. Even if it is a fake skull, it makes you look a little creepy.

Now Fig & Brie are still using a fake skull, but they are shoving things in the skull's mouth for you to eat.

They also offer a skull that is made like a churro, for those who just want to eat the skull, instead of pick off food from it.

These creepy boards are what delicious nightmares are made of. It may creep out some children and childish adults but from the reviews, it seems everyone is down to wrap skulls in fancy meat and eat spooky-shaped cheese.

Now, if only we can include these types of skulls at Christmas parties.

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