L&F Distributors will begin distribution of El Paso Brewing product locally.

Both El Paso Brewing and L&F Distributors are joining forces to bring the local craft brewers closer to the El Paso consumer.

Beginning on April 1, 2019, L&F Distributors will be carrying and distributing of El Paso’s Brewing’s quality craft beers which includes:

  • El Matador Mexican Vienna Lager
  • Wicked Felina IPA
  • Thunderbird Dark Lager
  • Sun City Helles Premium Lager
  • Poppy Chulo

El Paso’s taste for craft beer has been increasing over the past few years and it’s refreshing to see that local brewers such as El Paso Brewing are taking their products to the next level. Next time you’re at your local supermarket or bar check to see if they carry El Paso Brewing beers. El Paso Brewing opened back in December 2016 and is located of off Texas Avenue in downtown El Paso.


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