The El Paso music scene is full of history. Throughout the years, many bands have come & gone, but sometimes you see favorites return to make new music. That's certainly the case with the local band, Tu Edge. Not only do they have new music, but they've returned for a good cause.

Who Is Tu Edge?

The El Paso band consists of Ray Arreola, Sam Dayoub, Ben Rodriguez (El Gran Orgo from At The Drive-In) & their newest member, Gabriel Gonzales of Sparta & Sleepercar. Tu Edge was very active in the early to mid 90s; releasing two albums. Some of the songs you can still find on YouTube,

You can see many photos of the band, and of El Paso, back in the day on their Instagram page.

Tu Edge even got to open up for The Offspring back in 1994, at the Galaxy Club in Dallas. (And this is when The Offspring were at their PEAK).

They also opened up for D.R.I. at The El Paso County Coliseum

tuedgeband via Instagram
tuedgeband via Instagram

The Comeback of Tu Edge

On February 15th, 2023, the band posted this video stating the return of the band; a return that expands more than 20 years.

The band has gotten back together, not just for making new music, but for honoring their original drummer, Eric Salas. Eric passed away at the age of 41 in 2013.

As stated by Ray, the band is set to return with a new 3 song EP called "Punched in the Palindrome" on March 23rd. The artwork or the new EP was done by Eric himself. There will also be a listening party/concert on the 23rd at Rosewood Bar, 412 E San Antonio Ave starting at 8pm.

Ben Rodriguez says "We really want to honor Eric with our performance on the 23rd. He wasn’t just our drummer, he was an integral part of several El Paso bands. Anyone who knew him, loved him and could feel his passion for music.  The EP. release is a rebirth for Tü Edge, however Eric and his family are very much still a part of this band in every way. The artwork for our first demo was drawn by Eric, the cover art for our new EP was also created by Eric and gifted to us by his family."

Ray Arreola
Ray Arreola

The band hopes to honor Eric's life & legacy with the new album & the show on Thursday. You can find all the details & further updates on the band's official Instagram page.

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