Los Chucanos are a local band from El Paso and I’m so lucky to call Saxophone player, Maribel Bueno (my little hunts) one of my favorite people on the earth and had a chat with her about the video-making process for their single called “Trouble” and you can dive into the conversation below:

Who is in the band?

Jacob Casillas – Lead Vocals; Guitar

Danny Zamora – Back-up Vocals; Drums

Chris Herrera – Bass

Veronica Bueno – Alto Sax

Maribel Bueno – Back-up Vocals; Tenor Sax

Joel Osvaldo – Keys


Tell us about the concept of the music video...

There’ve been a couple of local bands that have released music videos and all generally have had the same idea: Low Riders and Party. Although that is El Chuco, there is more to this beautiful City. We’re just your ordinary Chucano. There’s nothing like a get together with your closest friends and family, where you can throw some steaks on the grill and enjoy great company with feel good music. We did want to incorporate the cars and party but we wanted to show it in a different light. In the video you see the family and the women are sitting together “dishing the gossip” while the men play a game of “washers”. Someone gets a call from someone else and before you know it a truck full of friends show up to get in on the fun. That’s the chicano lifestyle here on the border during the summer. It’s the Chucano lifestyle.


Is there a full album and if so, what does it sound like?

We have been working on a 7 song EP that’s titled “Mi Ritmo Santo”. We hope to finish it before the end of this year. As of right now we don’t have a release date. We’ve kind of generated this sound that has a mix of rock and reggae mostly. But you’ll also find some cumbia and a little bit of ska. I personally don’t think we do but people that have seen us live say we have like Los Lonley Boys.I made a joke with the guys saying that we generated a new sound “Emo Reggae”.


How did you choose ‘Trouble’ as the first single?

I am honestly not sure how that came about. When we got the opportunity to do a video we discussed what would be a good song to do one for. At the time, the political climate was getting real heated. Jake had written a song that hit home and all of us really wanted to do that. But the song was new and wasn’t going to be released in this album. I think at the end Jake picked the song and I think we all just got on board with it. I guess not all stories are extraordinary. hahaha


How can we connect with band? Social media?

You can find Los Chucanos on all social media. We post our gigs on there so that you’re able to go out and catch us. We just celebrated our 1yr anniversary so the band still very new. But we’re excited about new things that we’ve been working on. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Look up “Los Chucanos”.

Watch the delicious music video for 'Trouble' below:

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