As many El Pasoans continue to try to figure out how to entertain their kids and their loved ones during a time when social distancing is the smart thing to do, one El Pasoan is trying to entertain the community through art.

Local artist B.E. Art was recently inspired by a friend to create a scavenger hunt around El Paso. This scavenger hunt doesn't involve gold or a treasure chest, but something more meaningful; painted rocks.

Now, don't knock the magic of a painted rock. When your child is stuck at home, probably staring at a smartphone or tablet, you should really think about getting them outside to look for a magical rock. These rocks are painted by B.E. Art and can help brighten up your daily errands.

The easiest way to join in on the scavenger hunt is to follow B.E. Art on social media. Once you do, you now have access to dates of the hunt and even some clues:

She just started the hunt on June 24th to see how El Pasoans react to it. If you would like to have her possibly leave some rocks around your neighborhood, interact with her on social media. She is happily responding to people who are sharing their opinion on possible hiding places and areas in El Paso to safely place the rocks. She has assured her followers that these rocks are only painted by her with some amazing art work.

Now get those kids moving instead of sitting on the couch!

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