Hey El Paso, you’re among the top romantically cost-efficient cities in America. It seems love can be bought at a much cheaper rate here than in most other big cities.

According to personal finance website WalletHub, El Pasoans won't have to blow through a big, wad of cash to show their honey a romantic night out on the town this Valentine's Day.

The data used to rank the "Best and Worst Cities for Valentine's Day" included things like restaurant-meal costs, the price of fine wine, the number of jewelry stores, florists, and chocolate shops per capita. In addition to each city's average Valentine's Day budget, options for Valentine's Day activities, and the weather forecast for each city was also factored in, although cost weighed more heavily than the others.

Based on their voodoo science, El Paso came in 49th among the 100 biggest cities in America.

On a personal note, I really threw down this year: I got my honey the biggest stuffed-teddy-bear-holding-a-heart the guys in the parking lot off Alameda were selling. And I plan on letting her order a double order of Chico's Tacos. So, yes, I'm awesome.

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