If you're thinking of starting a family here someday, you can be certain you're making a good decision. Not only do we have fabulous weather, awesome food and friendly people, it's also a great place to raise a family.

And that's not just me repping my city; a third independent study just came to that conclusion.

Smart Asset is the latest to give us kudos, naming El Paso the 8th best city to raise a family.


In order to determine its rankings, the company looked at 8 factors taking into consideration things like crime rate, the percentage of the population under the age of 20, the annual cost of child care, and housing costs.

Here's what they had to say about El Paso:

Over 30% of the population in El Paso is under the age of 20. That’s the second-highest rate in the top 10, so kids and teens should have plenty of opportunities to make friends. You can also feel secure in El Paso. It has the lowest crime rate in the top 10 and fifth-lowest in the entire study."

This is the third study to give El Paso "best for families" status in just the past 6 months.

We ranked at the top of the 2017 Best Cities for Families list an apartment hunting website put out in January, and last September a consumer finance website placed El Paso in its top half of 2016’s Best & Worst Cities for Families.

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