Families that already call El Paso home and those looking to put down roots here can rest assured it’s a good place to live.

According to WalletHub, the Sun City is the 55th best city in America for families.

To determine their "Best & Worst Cities" rankings, the consumer finance website compared the 150 most populated cities in the country across 36 metrics taking into account important family dynamics such as the number of playgrounds and parks, housing prices, education ratings, crime rates, and the number of family activities and sports.

Here’s how El Paso ranked in each category: Family Fun (40), Health and Safety (44), Education and Childcare (67), Affordability (86), and Socioeconomic Environment (72).

Of the 150 cities measured in the U.S., El Paso was 55th overall, and the ninth best city for families in Texas scoring better than Fort Worth (#56), San Antonio (#60), Dallas (#94), and Houston (#95).

Overland Park, Kansas was deemed the best city in the country for families. The worst is Birmingham, Alabama.