Fireworks will thunder and boom over Ascarate Lake and Wet ‘N Wild this Fourth of July.

If you recall, because of the coronavirus pandemic the 4th was a bit of a dud last year as most annual public fireworks displays were either cancelled or drastically scaled down to fireworks only and their execution altered to conform with the health mandates and guidelines that were in place at the time.

El Paso County’s fireworks show at Ascarate Park was scrubbed, as were the celebrations at Wet 'N Wild and Biggs Park. But all three are set to go off this Independence Day, and they are all going to be in-person events. They're still in the planning stages so I don’t have a lot of details yet, but here is what I know so far.

Fireworks over the Lake at Ascarate Park

The County will host food trucks, swimming and live music, according to El Paso County Parks and Recreation officials. The celebration will culminate with an aerial firework display over the lake that will have you oohing and awing as you watch the sky light up and the glow of the ramparts red glare reflected on the lake surface.

Wet ‘N Wild Waterworld

El Paso’s homegrown water park plans a full day of swimming, splashing, grilling and chilling with a red, white, and boom finale not long after the park closes for the evening.

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Pop Goes the Fort at Biggs Park

Fort Bliss MWR will mark the 10th anniversary of Pop Goes the Fort, its Independence Day celebration at Biggs Park, with a live performance from the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, and a massive fireworks.

Unfortunately, because it’s on base and the military’s coronavirus restrictions are not as loose as the city or county’s, it will not be open to the general public. This year's event “will be open to DOD ID cardholders and their guests only," per a post on the MWR Facebook.

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