The most viral costume this Halloween is literally viral. PC or not, Ebola is going to be a popular theme this year. Every year, a ripped-from-the-headlines costume emerges, and this Halloween the pop culture-inspired winner is based on the very real and dangerous disease.

One costume company is selling the above $79.99 Ebola Containment Suit -- emblazoned with the word "Ebola" so people will know exactly what you're hilariously spoofing.

Halloween's never been about restraint, but is the world ready for Ebola jokes right now? We posed the question on the Mike and Tricia Facebook page, and while some thought it was "wrong but funny," and "funny, but too soon" most felt it was "in bad taste," "insensitive," and just "too soon" period.

Personally, I'm not surprised someone's trying to make a buck off of the situation. What does surprise me is that a "slutty" female version isn't available.