On the go for lunch like all of us? Sure there is this place and that place to eat, but what is the best choice when it comes to calories? Choose wisely my friends!


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    Grilled Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap

    These are very tasty and not too bug on the calories! The Grilled Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap seems to be a winner in caloric intake! Check out other favorites how they compare!

    270 Calories

    12g of Fat

    25 Carbs

    Patty Campos
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    Chili Beans

    These have always been my go to fast food item when I'm trying to watch what I eat! They are delish and good for you! Other Wendy's selections are pretty low in calories and fat grams and deserve another look. Check the nutritional value HERE!

    190 Calories

    6g of Fat


    Patty Campos
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    6" Forrest Ham on Wheat

    Subway of course is the healthier way with most items, but some are surprisingly high in fat and sodium content. This sandwich is the winner at Subway. Check YOUR favorite sandwich!

    290 Calories

    4g of Fat

    Patty Campos
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    Taco Bell

    Crunchy Taco

    If you're looking for something "outside of the box", look to Taco Bell. This taco joint is not only tasty but low on calories! Some other of your favs may be listed too!

    150 Calories

    6g of Fat


    Patty Campos
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    Burger King

    Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

    I have never had the pleasure to taste this bad boy but it sure looks great and the calorie intake isn't too shabby either. Here is the list of other Burger King health conscience meals!

    390 Calorie

    18g of Fat

    Patty Campos