Too often we hear stories of police officers doing wrong, but most of the time we fail to hear all the great stories.

This story is about Police Lt. Richard Woods. The call came in that a utility truck had collided with a small car carrying two teenage girls headed to soccer practice. Both vehicles were very mangled and the jaws of life was needed.

Officer Woods took control of the situation and started handling the jaws of life. Other police officers noted how the jaws of life aren't easy to carry and they weren't easy to work but Woods insisted on taking charge.

He was able to get one girl out but the other girl was trapped and still needed some more help to get out. During the rescue, Officer Woods was constantly checking for any gas leaks to prevent any explosions.

During the rescue, OffIcer Woods looked very fatigued and was struggling to breathe. He had been struggling with pneumonia and a sinus infection. Another medic noticed his shallow breathing and tried to help Woods who was suffering a heart attack, but Woods insisted the officer help the girls trapped in their car instead.

Woods died March 17 of an apparent heart attack. He was 48. He died a hero.


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