Mexican chef Pati Jinich made her PBS Primetime debut last week, hosting her new culinary travel special, La Frontera - these are all the places she visited during her time in El Paso and Juarez.


Born and raised in Mexico City, Pati Jinich is best known for her James Beard Award-winning and Emmy nominated television series Pati's Mexican Table on PBS.

In late May, Pati Jinich, the famous Mexican chef, took to social media asking El Pasoans for suggestions on where to visit for a planned 2-week visit to the Sun City.

La Frontera
La Frontera

In episode one of her 2-part PBS primetime special, La Frontera Jinich begins her journey in El Paso and Juarez, talking with local artists, musicians, journalists, and of course, chefs.

La Frontera opens with Pati meeting up with her friend and guide, Oscar Herrera, a local chef and owner of Taft Diaz and Flor de Nogal in El Paso and Juarez.

Together they explore the delicious burritos at La Colonial Tortilla Factory in El Paso, followed by a trip across the border to try the phenomenal burritos at Saritas (food truck). Soon after, Jinich meets up with her friend, Alfredo Corchado, award-winning journalist and border correspondent for the Dallas News – as they cruise downtown El Paso and end up at the border wall while talking about our binational community.

Pati Jinich also meets up with Lily Sanchez, the band leader of Mariachi Femenil Flores Mexicanas, an all-female group of musicians from El Paso, as they play their long-awaited comeback concert at San Jacinto Plaza.

Pati then meets local muralists, including Jesus Cimi Alvarado, Christin Apodaca, and Los Dos, as she cruises in low-riders scoping out the city's street murals.

The show also features the international cattle breeding between El Paso and Juarez with Daniel Manzanarez, director of Livestock Crossing.

Pati meets up again with Oscar Herrera to dine on Menudo and barbacoa at Menuderia Yeto's in Juarez - where she discovers that Menudo is paired with bread on the border, not tortillas or tostadas as in customary in Mexico. While in Juarez, Pati also ends up checking out Juan Gabriel's home, revealing that she has been a long-time fan.

Lastly, Jinich is invited to Farah's soft opening – where family and friends celebrate their new location off Shadow Mountain, where they served up a Syrian-Lebanese feast.

For anyone who missed the first episode, you can still tune in to watch at and the PBS Video App, available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, and VIZIO.

Also, heads up because part two of La Frontera will air this Friday on October 22, 2021.

To view the whole first episode of La Frontera, Click HERE.

As an El Pasoan, it gave me such great joy to see the beauty of our city and culture being showcased nationally, making me even more proud to call El Paso home.

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