Should someone own a classic? Is it really the spirit of Christmas to make us wait a whole year to see the best Christmas movie ever made and only show it twice? New classics like 'Elf' and, excuse me while I barf, 'A Christmas Story' are shown almost non-stop during the holiday season, but the Christmas movie that all Christmas movies aspire to be, 'It's a Wonderful Life' is only shown twice a year on tv. Twice a year. It's like the Grinch stole all the Who's presents and the roast beast and never brought them back.

So why do we only get to see George Bailey find out that his life really is valuable? It's because NBC is the anti-Santa.

Ok, I could explain all the ins and outs of why NBC gained the right to hold 'It's a Wonderful Life' hostage, but it's a really long, drawn out story full of legalese and copyright stuff. If you really want to know why NBC has the right to limit how often you can see the movie, check out this blog.

The important thing is that if you want to see 'It's a Wonderful Life' this year, you have to either be in front of your tv on Christmas Eve or DVR it. You could buy the movie, I suppose, but I like to watch things like this on tv with all the commercials in real time. It's just not the same if you're watching it on a DVD or online.

By the way, the clip above is my favorite scene in the movie. It is ridiculously sweet, inadvertently sexy, and touching.

I just love this movie!

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