Coco is a film about popular Mexican belief in regard to after life. The film follows the story of a young boy’s wishes to pursue a life of music and the backlash that he receives from his family and along the way discovering that nothing is more important than chasing your dreams except at the expense of your family. Without giving away too much, we are probably all aware by now that Disney has a way of really pulling at your heart strings in any of their films but in my honest opinion it was unbelievable for me to see the impeccably correct, true-to-life representation of Mexican culture. Having lost a loved one earlier this year didn’t sway my perception of the film knowing that all of us share death in common but you’ll absolutely feel the knot in your throat when the movies decides to have its moment. The film name drops Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete, depicts the classic tequila shot and does it tastefully versus stereotypically and if you look closely one woman's pocketbook has the Virgin Mary on it. The animation of the streets looks so much like Juarez and other areas of Mexico that are animated to perfection and the main character's sidekick is a stray dog. I left honored that Disney would represent my people in a way that is focused on family, heart and perseverance. Disney can have all of my money for hitting this one out of the park.

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