Disney is recalling the 11-inch soft, stuffed replica toy of Toy Story's new character, Forky. Apparently it's a choking hazard. Who would buy a plastic toy fork anyway? Back in my day, I would have made my own Forky replica. It's a plastic fork for Pete's sake. I have a box of them in my kitchen. Disney must think they can pass anything as a "toy" nowadays.

What's next? A twig named Twiggy? A potato with a smiley face? Wait. That already exists. I remember being excited to play with tiny glass balls called marbles when I was a kid. Were they a choking hazard? Probably but no one cared. My sisters made dolls cut from paper. I once made a cannon with old tin cans, a tennis ball and some lighter fluid. I almost got myself killed but I didn't need a plastic toy fork to have fun. My point is this.

If kids are going to play with plastic toy forks, they should come from the condiment stand at Whataburger. Not the Toy Store. Apparently, the Toy Store version are hazardous.

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