If you’ve gone to the movies this past week you may have noticed that Barbie has taken over!

Women of all ages, and even some Men, are channeling their inner Barbie for the new film that is getting great reviews, but did you know that an El Pasoan had a small, but very important role in the movie?!

A friend of mine, Sara Chavez, reached out to ask if I knew that an El Pasoans was featured in the movie:

I didn’t get to see it this weekend, so I barely saw it tonight. I had no idea America Ferrera’s real life husband was in the movie. I recognized him immediately. He’s from El Paso. They spend every Christmas in El Paso (incognito) because his whole family lives here.”

I have yet to see the movie myself so I did a little digging and sure enough, Hanks High School grad, Ryan Piers Williams, is not only the real-life husband of actress America Ferrera, but he also plays her spouse in the movie as well!

In the movie, “Barbie” makes her way to the “real world” where she meets America Ferrera’s character, Gloria, and her teenage daughter.

The mom and daughter duo team up with Barbie to try and help her get back to Barbieland and before they head out, Gloria stops for a second to wonder if her movie husband (who is her real-life husband, too) will be fine while she’s gone.

While America is pondering this thought, the movie cuts to Gloria’s husband, Ryan, who is busy practicing Spanish, completely oblivious to the fact that his wife and daughter are about to travel to Barbieland.

Ryan makes one last cameo in the movie towards the end with a phrase that doubles as a reference to America’s 2002 Disney Channel movie, “Gotta Kick It Up!”

Many people probably haven’t watched the movie yet so I’ll leave his bilingual inspirational final line in the movie a surprise for those who have yet to watch the film.

Ryan is no stranger to Hollywood. He is an actor, writer, and director and that is how he met his now wife, America Ferrera.

The couple met back in 2005 when Ryan cast America in his first short film called “Muertas.” Fast forward to 2011 and the couple would tie the knot and soon after welcoming a few little precious humans of their own!

It’s always great to be able to tie El Paso into the spotlight and the fact that America and Ryan kept this sweet little cameo a secret makes the moment even more special!

Keep on representing El Paso in Hollywood, Ryan. And keep on representing strong and powerful Latina’s in Hollywood, America!

OH! And let me know how I can get you both some “Mija, Yes you can” t-shirts.

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