Uh oh, Jelena fans. A cryptic tweet from Justin Bieber is leading a lot of Beliebers to believe he and galpal Selena Gomez are donezo. Did the PDA-happy couple’s relationship really come to an end?

Not so, says E! Online! (Phew!)

Biebs allegedly tweeted, “Thank you for the time I had with you but now I have to move on.” This freaked out the entire teen and tween world — seriously, the universe almost imploded. However, the tweet was a fake. Bieber’s rep denied the breakup and insisted that the tweet was a PhotoShop creation. While this happens a lot in terms of damage control, it appears the PR person is telling the truth.

How does E! know? The site checked out the Celebrity Tweet archives, which keeps records of all — you guessed it! — celebrity tweets, even those that have been deleted, and this particular tweet is nowhere to be found on their site.

Rest easy, Beliebers. Biebs is still Sel’s ‘Boyfriend!’

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