While scrolling through my Facebook feed as most due during family time, I saw one of my Facebook friends share an odd video. Richard Rivera was kind enough to share his video of the outside lights of W. D Surratt Elementary going crazy! Not only did he share one video, but he was kind enough, or just bored enough to share two videos in one post.

In the video, Richard captures the lights turning on and off, when they usually just stay on like any other boring school. One of our fellow friends Steve Morales made a great point about this light show possibly being the work of festive resident.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 9.24.15 PM

While no one has confirmed or denied this claim, we could only hope it is the spirit of Christmas controlling those lights and not an evil one. After Richard's post, about three hours later, I drove by the school and didn't get to see the crazy light show in person. El Paso Electric was already at the school and the lights are now back to normal...for NOW!

I will be patiently waiting to see if anyone will confirm or deny if this was a weird light glitch, or if it was possibly ghosts having some fun on Black Friday.

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