When you need to know what 'on fleek' means, you'll now be able to find the definition with a few clicks on your keyboard. Dictionary.com announced that they are adding 'fleek' to their online dictionary, as well as words like 'feels', 'facepalm', and 'yaaaas'. The rise in use of those words on social media is what Dictionary.com says brought about their addition.

In addition to the 150 new words being added, other words are being redefined to suit the way they are used in today's world. 'Random' has become a slang noun that means "a person or thing that is unknown, unidentified or suspiciously out of place, as in a few randoms showed up to the party." 'Nerf', no longer means just a soft football, Dictionary.com says it has come to mean "(in a video game) to reconfigure (an existing character or weapon), making it less powerful."

New words, old words with new meanings, and they're all at our fingertips. I can't wait to catch up on the new stuff!