Every now and then I fall into a celebrity trance and want to know as much of their story as possible. Over the holiday, for whatever reason Princess Diana peaked my interest. I knew a little bit about what happened but it was so many years ago. Doing the math, I was 11 years old when the tragic car accident climb The Princess of Wales’ life. I do however, remember being in Seminole, Texas visiting family when the accident happened and I recall my aunts and cousins crying about what had happened. Since, I didn’t understand fully what had happened I went about my 11 year old business and now at 32 years old I’m blown away by what a remarkable woman The People’s Princess really was. The documentary feature her hard work and her willingness to always be charitable and serve her country. The film goes on to showcase Britain's relationship with the Queen which was severed at the time of Diana’s passing and how the Queen’s treatment of Princess Diana changed the dynamic between the kingdom and the people. Most astonishing is the Queen’s command to fly the Union Jack flag half mast in honor of Diana and even bowing her head as the hearse that carried her body passed before her. Princess Diana’s legacy is that of changing hundreds of years of tradition in the U.K. and this film, I consider a must see. Check out the trailer below:

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