If you read a previous article of mine you know that I'm not a fan of local film maker Charlie Minn. I use the term film maker lightly because for the most part, Minn is someone who throws together a bunch of film footage, and usually the most graphic and bloody footage, from other sources and calls it a documentary. I think he is what El Paso photographer Jorge Salgado calls him, a trauma pornographer.

Salgado and Minn got into an text and online argument and it resulted in Minn sending Salgado a really disturbing and ugly message that you can see here:

Minn showed his true colors and before long, a lot of people who were in classes at UTEP when Minn was invited to speak were commenting on his in-classroom antics. There was some question about whether or not those were just stories that were blown out of proportion or part of the so-called "cancel culture" coming to get Minn. Yesterday, a video of an altercation between a UTEP student and Minn was posted to an Instagram account that shows exactly how Minn conducts himself during a guest lecture:

Yeah. I gotta say this guy is toxic. He has no business acting like that in a classroom and where the heck was the professor during all this? If he was a guest lecturer in my classroom I would require him to behave professionally, not like a lunatic getting ready to attack.

Minn's behavior should give UTEP and any other learning institution pause. He shouldn't be allowed to speak in a classroom if he can't handle a little criticism. You're not Martin Scorsese, Charlie. Calm down and learn how to act like an adult.

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