Good news and bad news west side drivers. The good news is the new Sunland Park flyover ramp is now open. The bad news is now they've shut down the Sunland Park overpass for at least the next 5 months.

This next phase is necessary so that crews can demolish and reconstruct the overpass that allows traffic to get across I‐10. The replaced overpass will have an increased clearance height and additional lanes, per a TxDot press release.

Until the project is completed, traffic will be detoured onto the newly constructed adjacent turnaround bridge. The temporary alternative route, however, will mean fewer lanes to get across I-10 will be available. Motorists going southbound on Sunland will only have one lane to work with, while those going northbound on Sunland towards the mall will have two.

In other words, the intersection blocking and jockeying for position around the Sunland Park Mall area and by Twin Peaks going north is far from over.

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Can it get any worse? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

While all that is going on, I-10 will be reduced to 2 lanes in both directions near Sunland Park starting May 7 and continuing through the summer so that crews can replace pavement and the center rail of I-10.

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