Earlier this year in response to the financial hardships that so many Americans were enduring, the federal government authorized stimulus payments to millions of Americans. Since that first stimulus payment, lawmakers have been arguing about whether another payment should go out. They finally decided that they would release another stimulus payment but apparently, they think that after months of not working and standing in line for food donations that you are only worth $600 this time around.

The U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced that a bill that has been before lawmakers for months should be signed into law very soon and you might be seeing $600 direct deposits to your bank account by the beginning of next week. It's nice to see the government coming into the 20th century and not spending even more money printing checks and mailing them. But really, $600? That's not even a rent check for a vast majority of people. That's one car payment for a lot of people. Try feeding a family of six or eight on $600 - and it's only a one-time payment. I'm not feeling very stimulated.

There will be some people who will see more than $600 in their bank account. According to CNBC, this is how the stimulus payments will shakeout:

"Individuals including children will receive $600 in direct payments. A family of four could end up with $2,400. The payments decrease for people who made more than $75,000 during 2019. They would phase out completely for people who made above $99,000 that year."

Hopefully that money will be hitting your bank account next week and you get a little more stimulated than $600.

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