Cowboys diehards take note: the Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame Truck will be in El Paso this Saturday, September 14. It’ll be parked in front of the new Total Wine and More store at the Fountains at Farah from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Hall of Fame Truck is more than just a Ford F-150 painted in the Cowboys colors; it’s an exhibit on wheels.

Fans that enter the mobile mini-museum can check out historic memorabilia like Super Bowl trophies and rings. Remember when they used to win those? *Sigh. Well, at least we have one. Or 5!

Old-school uniforms, life-size statues of Cowboys legends Bob Lilly and Emmitt Smith, and a display devoted to Tom Landry, one of the greatest, most innovative people to ever coach the game, are also part of the exhibit, according to the Dallas Cowboys website.

Signs you’re a True-Blue Dallas Cowboys Fan

• You’ve learned to live with the ridiculous nicknames people have for them. But, really guys enough with the Cowgirls, Clownboys, and Cowgueys jokes. Get some new material.

• The Eagles, Giants and Redskins are not to be spoken about in your presence. And none of that "Fly, Eagles, Fly" bulls**t, either.

• You spend more time hating on the Cowboys than you do supporting your own team. You, my friend, are a Dallas Cowboys fan.

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