This dad deserves a medal for stepping up and actually making his daughter’s prom dress!

Mariah Herron, was looking for the perfect prom dress, unfortunately she found nothing that was to her liking or the price range for that matter.

Step in dad to save the day. Her father, a former military man knew that his daughter was having a difficult time finding the perfect prom dress. Mariah, who is into hunting and fishing, was just not satisfied with the limited options she had.

So her dad went out and bought the fabric, went home and started to make a dress.

There was worry from mom and Mariah herself but in the end dad pulled it off.

After six weeks of diligent work dad came through with a beautiful prom dress for his daughter.

Mariah was pretty in camouflage and wore it to her prom; she loved her dress so much she asked if he would make her wedding dress too…all in due time of course.

Way to go dad – you are officially Awesome!