I am a sucker for a dessert. Especially when the dessert comes in the form of something spooky.

Luckily, El Paso has very talented cake artists who love to create sinfully delicious treats.

I recently stumbled upon a new cupcake shop in San Eli called Melti Shnacks & Knick Knacks.

Which if you didn't automatically think of this viral video when reading Schnacks, you need to get your life together.

Anyway, Melti just celebrated their grand opening of their physical location with a big celebration.

I hope many locals will flock to the location to see all the yumminess that is waiting for them, but I am still thinking of a Friday the 13th cake that was posted on the shop's Facebook page.

Here is the post I am referring to.

As you can see this glorious, gory cake looks good enough to kill!

Not sure why the spooky cake was created in August, but it is a great reminder about Halloween coming up very soon. Other businesses might be posting their spooky products very soon to remind El Pasoans to start placing their orders for those 2022 Halloween parties.

You never know what deliciousness is whating to pop up on your feed, so many sure to keep an eyeout for some talented El Pasoans already preparing for Halloween.

Star Glampers has already shared their ideas for Halloween and snagging one of these celebrations is pretty much a dead end for you, since they might be sold out by the time you are reading this.

So start reaching out to your local businesses about your Halloween plans NOW!

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