The coronavirus has changed all of our lives and for many of us, it has affected our bank accounts. Reduced hours, lost commissions, or the loss of a job altogether means scary financial times ahead for thousands and thousands of our fellow El Pasoans.

In order to help alleviate the massive budget hole that the coronavirus outbreak will be leaving in the City's budget, the top administrators at the City will be taking a pay cut. City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, and City Attorney Karla Nieman and others will be seeing a 5% reduction in their paycheck beginning May 24.

There could be other steps taken to help with the looming budget crisis. City officials haven't decided on this but they are considering employee furloughs and layoffs. That possibility was raised in a presentation at the City Council meeting. City employees could also have portions of their wages cut to help with the budget impact of coronavirus. The City had already put a hiring freeze for nonessential jobs into place, and employees who were in line for raises have been told that those are suspended.

There is no part of our lives that the coronavirus isn't going to impact. Hopefully we can follow the stay-at-home order from the City so that we can lessen the time needed to recover from this outbreak and get back to work.

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