What's the most important ingredient when eating sushi? Freshness. Nothing is worse than old, stale sushi. If you don't believe me, asked someone who has tried gas station sushi. No bueno. El Paso has many sushi restaurants but most have the waiter serve you the sushi. In Japan (as well as sushi places on the east and west coast), the sushi comes to you as soon as it is made via a conveyor belt. El Paso now has it's own conveyor belt sushi restaurant. The place is called Sushiing Revolving Sushi Restaurant. It's at 8855 Viscount.

The resturant menu has many items under 5 dollars. Yelp gives this place a 4.5 rating. I have been to very expensive sushi restaurants and economical sushi place. while this place is not high end by any means, it's a great choice for sushi lovers on a budget. Have you tried Sushiing? Leave you comments below.

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