On Wednesday, January 20th, FitFam shared a video many El Pasoans freaked out about.

A poor Saint Bernard was shown in the video tied to a window. Many viewers quickly called the proper authorities to help save the dog.

El Paso Animal Services issued a statement to help ease the minds of many El Pasoans worried about the dog.

These types of videos are what motivates people to do something about animal cruelty but it is something we all should always be aware of.

Many people tie up their dogs outside in the blistering heat or allow them to freeze outside. If you see something, follow the guidelines shared by El Paso's Animal Services.

For those who feel they can not handle a pet anymore, please, please, PLEASE do not just throw them out somewhere in El Paso. Reach out to the proper places to surrender the animals. El Paso Animal Services does have a pet retention program that strives to help owners rethink the thought of getting rid of their pet.

If it must come down to surrendering an animal, please follow the guidelines to properly surrender your pet.

Every pet is a big responsibility. Please consider some training to help bond with your animal before you get rid of it. You can also find training services at El Paso Animal Services, PetSmart, or other local trainers.

Keep a furry friend with you to make it through those hard times. It has worked for me and I hope it can work for you!


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