Title 42, the pandemic policy that has kept thousands of migrants and asylum seekers from entering the US is set to expire at midnight on Thursday, May 11th.
Surge Of Immigrants From Venezuela Stretch Resources In Border Cities
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With scant hours to prepare for what even migrant advocates call “chaos”, El Paso leaders still have big questions for federal authorities.
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Migrant Border Crossings At The Southern Border Continue As Judge's Title 42 Ruling Looms
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KFOX 14 reports that the City has lots of questions for the feds. Questions such as, “Which migrants will be allowed to stay in El Paso shelters” and “Which documents will they need to provide?”

Those seem like fairly big question marks with time running out.

The question about documentation involves something called an I-862 form. Hundreds of undocumented migrants in just the past two days have filled out the paperwork that they hope will allow them to remain in the U.S. while seeking asylum.

But, according to the city’s communication director, Laura Cruz-Acosta, clarification is still needed about which document will be needed to stay in city shelters.

“We asked the federal government to provide us with a little bit more detail,” Cruz-Acosta told KFOX-14 reporter Jennifer Cuevas.

“We don’t know what that form (I-862) will allow or not allow. That’s a question that we’re asking the federal government,” Cruz-Acosta said.

New Biden Administration Immigration Rules Decrease Asylum Option
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Another question mark: when two defunct schools reopened as migrant shelters. Both the former Bassett Middle and Morehead Middle schools have been opened to serve as shelters.

The city spokesperson said that she could only estimate that “it could be days, it could be hours” depending on various factors. Again, Cruz-Acosta said, the city could really use some clarification from the feds.

And the clock continues ticking.

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