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Carlos Mencia returns to El Paso, performing his new stand up comedy with 3-nights at The Comic Strip.

Back with new material, the former host of Comedy Central’s, Mind of Mencia is making the rounds with a whole new comedy act.

After his show, Mind of Mencia was cancelled on Comedy Central back in 2008; Carlos took his comedy act back on the road, including embarking on a USO Tour to the Persian Gulf to entertain the troops serving overseas. He also starred in a couple of movies, including The Heartbreak Kid, starring Ben Stiller.

Now, Carlos Mencia is back with 100% new material and will be making a stop in El Paso for 3 nights at The Comic Strip.

Check out the video of Carlos Mencia in El Paso, visiting the local news and radio stations and digging into some Chico’s Tacos!

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