If you are a fan of house music and techno like I am, you would have been equally as shook to hear that Claptone would be visiting the Sun City! The German Dj and major influencer of the electronic dance music genre describes his visual; a mask said to appear to be a fierce mythical creature to Tricky Falls on Friday, March 2nd but we’re most shooketh about getting to watch the dance music legend drop his newest single “In The Night.” Mixmag has described Claptone as “one of the most visible characters in the global deep house scene”  in the past and refers to his music as “crisply produced and effortlessly infectious.”
“Claptone is one of El Paso’s favorites because he’s one of the few that plays straight groovy House music! His funky basslines, catchy vocals, and disco samples set the mood right for a good party. His identity is a secret so there’s always that “mystery behind the mask” vibe but that doesn’t take away from him bringing a lot of energy to the show.”

-Fabian Quezada, Marketing Director, SMG Events
Watch the video for “In The Night” below and get tickets to the show at www.eventbrite.com.

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