What happens when the country and the national media laugh at your holiday lights extravaganza?  If you're City Rep. and County Judge wannabe Eddie Holguin, you hold a news conference to clarify and answer questions about the Shawver Park Christmas lights display.

The press release is rather brief.  This is exactly what it looked like from the email I got sent:


December 4, 2013

District #6 (915) 212-0006

Representative Holguin to Hold Media Briefing

WHO: Representative Eddie Holguin

WHAT: Will hold a media briefing to clarify and answers questions regarding the Shawver Park Holiday light show

WHEN: TODAY, December 4, 2013 @ 2:30 pm

WHERE: City Hall, 2nd floor, Representative Holguin’s office

Apparently no one noticed the grammatical error in the "What" section, but that is neither here nor there.  I wonder if Eddie will produce the receipts for the project.  I wonder if he'll tell us that it was City Manager Joyce Wilson or the Parks Department's fault that the project was poorly executed.  I can guarantee that he will put the blame on someone else!

Be sure to listen to Mike and Tricia Mornings Thursday morning for a recap of what Eddie Holguin has to say at the press conference!


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CNN took notice of a KFOX story on the holiday lights extravaganza at Shawver Park that was spearheaded by Holguin, and the anchors got a good laugh at Eddie's light showIt was just a couple of weeks ago that Eddie decided to stamp his little feet and call Council and City Manager Joyce Wilson "grinches" during a City Council meeting when he said he wanted a Christmas lights display anywhere but downtown where the City has held it's holiday display for over 75 years. He almost had to hold his breath to get the 25 thousand dollars he said it would cost to deck out Shawver Park, but thankfully, Council voted to give Holguin the money without much of a fight.

Fast forward to this weekend when KFOX asked people what they thought about the display:

This morning, CNN jumped into the mix and mercilessly mocked the Shawver Park display!

Eddie has spent the last 8 years on El Paso City Council and much of that time has been spent saying 'no' to virtually everything that has come up for a vote.  He says he spoke for the voters in his district when he voted 'no' on the ballpark and the Quality of Life initiatives that were voted in by 70% of the voters in his district. He said he wanted Christmas lights in the Lower Valley because people there didn't want to go downtown to see the City's holiday lights display. I wonder who all these people are:

If Eddie tries to spin this by saying he was duped into thinking the extravaganza was going to be anything but the joke it is, then voters should seriously wonder if there are any lights on in his brainpan.  This was his baby, and, baby, does it stink!

Holguin trumpeted his victory over the big bad progressives for this mess, and his name is the one that should be used when people wonder why the hell they can't buy any wire lighted Santas at the Dollar Tree this holiday season!

Merry Christmas, Eddie!