We've been following the story of Coronado T-Bird b-baller Mitchell Marcus, his coach, Peter Morales, and Franklin Cougar Jonathon Montanez really closely, and we've been wondering why our City officials hadn't honored the boys and their teams.  This morning on Mike and Tricia Mornings, we found out, they are!

Cortney Niland Talks About Mitchell Marquez

City Rep. Cortney Niland, in whose district Coronado High School sits, stopped by and told us that she and Rep. Ann Morgan Lilly, who represents the district in which Franklin sits, are working together to recognize the teams who worked together to make Mitchell's dream of playing a basketball game come true.

Ms. Niland said that on March 26th (tentatively), City Council will award plaques and trophies to both teams in honor of their amazing sportsmanship the night of the Coronado - Franklin game.

In addition to the awards from the City, a proclamation being sponsored by Mike and Tricia Mornings to have that day named after Mitchell, Coach Morales, and Jonathon, will be read before Council's regular meeting!

If you missed the interview, click on the link!