El Paso City Council ratified an amendment today to Title 12 of the City Code, which prohibits parking around San Jacinto Plaza.

The curbs surrounding San Jacinto Plaza will be painted yellow to remind motorists that parking is not allowed adjacent to the park. The change will allow the Streets and Maintenance Department to mark the no parking zone around the plaza by painting the curb instead using poles and signs to restrict parking.

The amendment approved by council also has revised the language restricting parking around the plaza to be modified from “no stopping or standing – tow-away zone” to “parking prohibited at all times.”

The changes were necessary to deter vehicles from parking in the travel lanes adjacent the plaza, which is traffic safety hazard. Parking in the travel lanes adjacent to the plaza has also contributed to landscaping damage because people step on the vegetation when they exit the vehicles.

This project is intended to enhance El Paso’s regional comprehensive transportation system and infrastructure network, and promote the visual image of El Paso.