The City of El Paso announced their intention to bring back all furloughed City employees.  This comes after some of those individuals were under the impression that they were ultimately being laid off.

Like many businesses, the City ended up furloughing over 150 people as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  As it continued to drag on, it became more uncertain as to when or if those affected by the furlough were going to be able to return which resulted in noticed being sent indicating positions were going to be eliminated.

Citing the “proactive approach to the City’s budget,” municipal Chief Financial Officer Robert Cortinas indicated that they are happy to be able to say that efforts will now be made to bring everybody back.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that those individuals will slide back into their old positions though.  Since those jobs were ultimately eliminated, the City is instead intending to find jobs that are comparable to what they had prior to the furlough.

As of today, there are still approximately 75 people that are being brought back in some capacity and the process to do so will begin in earnest this month.

Seeing and knowing people and to a small (very small) extent also being among those that lost a job or were temporarily unable to work due to something that was no fault of their own breaks my heart as I’m sure it does yours.  I’m hopeful that businesses being able to bring people back to work becomes a trend and not just a few isolated instances.

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