Park 915 app is now available boasting a friendlier user experience.

The City of El Paso just unveiled their new and improved Park 915 app that allows users to save time by viewing available metered parking spaces and pay for them via mobile devices.

With the increase in construction in downtown El Paso specially parking is scarce and the Park 915 app will make it less of a problem when finding and paying for parking.

Motorists will find stickers for the new app posted on nearly 2,000 parking meters concentrated in Downtown. The new app is also free and works with either I-Phones or Android devices. The new app replaces the Park El Paso app which as of October 14, 2020, only payments made through the new Park 915 app will be honored.

The Park 915 app will help alleviate the headache of circling around looking for an open parking space. The app will help the driver locate open parking spaces whether on the street or garages and not only will you be able to pay directly through the app and it will also send notifications when your meter is about to expire making it an overall better experience.

The app is currently available across the state of Texas including Austin, Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth.

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