If Easter Sunday plans consist of grilling or picnicking in a city park and letting the kids run wild looking for cascarones, the city requests that you not leave a mess behind.

Don't be that guy. Don’t make Baby Jesus cry. Kindly pick up after yourself.

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They shouldn’t have to put out a press release nagging you to clean-up after yourselves and your pets because we should all know better, but fun fact:

In previous years, it has taken the Parks and Maintenance departments three to four days to get rid of all the trash left behind by residents who celebrated at a city park on Easter Sunday.


According to a city press release, they will be placing additional bins in most of the 300 city parks.

But with the number of people that gather at parks every Easter, even extra trash cans aren’t enough, so they encourage you to bring trash bags.

City Rules for Park Visitors

El Paso Parks and Recreation
El Paso Parks and Recreation

• All trash should be bagged in a trash bag and thrown in provided trash cans, not put in plastic grocery bags or cardboard boxes

• Charcoal should be properly extinguished, bagged and thrown in trash cans not discarded on the ground or under trees

• Pets are welcome, but should be kept on a leash

• Alcoholic beverages and smoking (including e-cigarettes) are not allowed

• Vehicles are not allowed to drive onto grass or landscaping

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