El Pasoans don’t know how to recycle. We keep putting stuff in the blue bin that isn’t supposed to be there, and the City of El Paso is cracking down.

City officials announced a pilot program to tag residents who put non-recyclable items in their recycling bins. The program is being tested out in a westside neighborhood. If someone is caught putting the wrong things in the blue bin, they will be notified and told to remove the non-recyclable items. Until they remove those items their bins won’t be picked up.

The City is also no longer accepting shredded paper and if you have recyclable cardboard, it needs to be flattened. If you need comprehensive information about recycling, click here.

Here's what you can recycle - remember to make sure everything is rinsed out and has no residue of the product that was in the container:

Clean soda cans, food cans, aluminum foil

Empty bottles
Shampoo, mouth wash, detergent, cleaner, squeezable bottles
Empty Tubs
Tupperware containers

Dry food boxes without liners
Cardboard boxes
Cardboard egg cartons
Frozen food boxes

Advertising inserts
Phone books
Colored and white paper
Paper bags

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