Is a blood-sucking chupacabara roaming the streets of a ritzy West El Paso neighborhood? And worse, leaving its pristine sidewalks covered in chupacabra feces.

Newchannel 9, in what I'm pretty sure was an attempt at humor, posted a 40 second video of what it referred to as a "chupacabra" trotting along the well manicured lawns of the Kern Place neighborhood in west El Paso.

The clip, sent in by a resident of the neighborhood, shows a canine-like animal with pointy ears, a long skinny tail and splotches of grey fur presumably in search of goats to suck blood from.

Kern Place Chupacabra 1


The strange-looking creature was reportedly making it's way towards the arroyo leading to the El Paso Tennis Club, but not before pausing just long enough to leave the Kern Place residents a souvenir of his visit.

Kern Place Chupacabra 3

An official with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department isn't as convinced as KTSM that we have a chupacabra in our midst. The station contacted the state agency and was told the animal is a coyote with mange.

Of course, it is. What would you expect them to say, amiright? (Cue "X Files" music.)

Watch the full video HERE, then draw your own conclusion: mangy coyote, chihuahua cross-breeding government experiment gone awry, or an honest-to-God legendary chupacabra on the hunt for west El Paso children that won't go meemees when they're supposed to?

We report, you decide!

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