Congratulations to the winner of the Chuco Art Competition at this year’s Mexican Food Fiesta.

This year we had a group of artists that joined us to create some pretty spectacular work on the spot at the Mexican Food Fiesta.

The judges made their decision based on the theme which should embody El Paso, the originality of their piece and the overall piece and how it stood out among the other art pieces.

This year the winning piece was awarded to Stuart Kanof for his art piece titled Asarco featuring the Asarco tower and Mount Cristo Rey. The second runner up prize went to Yolanda Garcia for her piece titled Lola which was a calaca (skeleton) face.

MFF Art 4

While all the pieces were incredible and awesome, ultimately there was only one winner that evening.

A big thank you to all the participating artists included Upper Valley Urgent Care for sponsoring the Chuco Art Competition. The artists that participated included:

  • 2 Guns Taco – Chris Bittner
  • Stay Night/Amigo Man – Jessie Gangarilla
  • Full Skeleton - Gangarilla
  • Fists – Roman Martinez
  • Mortal Combat Guy – Daniel “Pez” Lopez

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