Congrats going out to Daniela Calderon, winner of this year’s Chuco Art Competition at Beer Bites and Beats.

Chuco Art Competition

Several local and very talented artists participated in this year’s Chuco Art Competition. Each artist was supposed to create live an El Paso theme painting at Beer Bites and Beats.

Each artist came up with different themes ranging from the El Paso Streetcar to the Amigo Man but in the end, all the concepts were original and unique.

This year was a tough call on the judges but at the end of the day, our winner was Daniela Calderon who recreated her version of the Amigo Man. Calderon won herself a $200 prize.

A big thank you to all the artists who participated this year and we hope to see everyone once again next year at the Beer Bites and Beats Chuco Art Competition.

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