Congratulations to Jazmin Vargas who just won $1000 with KISS-FM’s Winning Word!

Jazmin Vargas won $1000 with KISS-FM’s Winning Word – and when I spoke to her she said that ever since the coronavirus hit she hasn’t been working and this win was going to help her pay some pending bills.

We are so glad that Jazmin will be able to use this money to help her stay afloat for a bit while we all look forward to this pandemic ending sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned in – you could be our next lucky winner. We’re giving everyone a shot to win $1000 three times a day during weekdays. Listen at approximately 9:20 a.m., 1:20 p.m. and 4:20 p.m. for your opportunity at $1000.

Plus, we're also giving away the largest stimulus check anywhere with $10,000. Everyone who participates in this contest will be entered. Keep in mind you can increase your chances by downloading our mobile app, following us on Facebook, and more. The more activities you participate in, the better the odds you'll be walking away with some cold, hard, cash.

Play along – who knows you might just be our next lucky winner.

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