This video is graphic in nature. This video shows how an innocent animal is being fed to ferocious tigers because investors were unhappy. The poor donkey was visibly afraid and was unscrupulously shoved into the tigers' den only to be pounced on as it struggled for its life. 

According to various media outlets such as NPR and National Geographic, angry investors have not seen a dime in the past couple of years from the Yancheng Safari Park near Shanghia so they took a vote a and decided that they were simply going to feed a live donkey to the tigers to express their displeasure. Apparently the zoo has suffered such a monetary loss that they are unable to provide adequate care for the animals at the zoo. Zoo keepers were not able to save the donkey but were able to save other animals from being fed to the tigers in an attempt to stop the feeding frenzy. No word if any one will face any charges.

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