Behind the scenes at a radio station can be pretty interesting. You can see djs sitting around blogging at their computers, coming up with radio contests to give away great prizes, or even munching on a box of donuts while drinking their fifth cup of coffee in the morning.

This morning, I was walking around getting things done after the show and took a few pictures of some of the weird things that have made their way into the KISS studios.


  • 1

    Flying Pigs

    The Sun City Bacon Fest is this weekend, and this hilarious little porker turned up in a co-worker's office. He's cute, he's pink, and he can fly. Check out him out this weekend, but be gentle. He's fragile.

    Here piggy piggy piggy
  • 2

    The Half Dead

    I'm not a fan of The Walking Dead, but we have co-workers who are. This particular torso has taken a few hits and been bashed around for months. It turns up in weird places, and usually scares the hell out of me at 4 in the morning.

    He's not naked - he has a tie on.
  • 3

    KISS Junk Drawer

    This drawer has regular junk in it, but the set of measuring cups has never been explained. We don't have an oven or a stove in the building, so no one cooks. Sometimes, it's best to just close the drawer and not question why.

    Never know when you'll need measuring cups.