Everyone has done it, you log into Google and you Google "How-to-..." and whatever it is the internet is sure to have an answer. Estatley.com came up with a list that they compiled by using Google autocomplete and going state to state. You'll never believe what Texans are Googling "how-to".

It seems that some states Google stuff that really makes sense for their region. For example, Alaska has some Googlers asking "How to fish", which is a pretty legit question for a state where fishing is popular. But then you have states like Pennsylvania where they are Googling, "How to get drunk". Some are really insane and some just hilarious. New Mexico's most Googled "how to's", included "how to ask a girl out", and "how to put a condom on". It really is entertaining to check out the complete list of all the states.

When it comes to Texas getting on and Googling "how to's", us Texans want to know, "How to sell your soul"....umm, really? Sounds like a cry for help! Check out th full list and have a laugh!


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