You know all the changes that have come into play since the coronavirus pandemic. We don't shop the same way, we don't go to church the same way, we don't go to work the same way, and we certainly don't send our kids off to school the same way. Online learning is going to be the norm for the next few weeks, possibly months, and conceivably into the spring semester.

And you have to help your kid with math.

Yeah, I know you're shaking in your yoga pants and slippers now.

If I had to help my beasties with math, there would be tears and crying on the floor, and it would be so embarrassing for my kids to see me like that. That's why when a friend was having trouble with helping her daughter out with her math class she dove into Google and found a cool app that could help her figure out seventh grade algebra.

This app will help with all levels of math and show you how to do the problems that have you reaching for another glass of chardonnay. I struggled with math my whole school career so having something like this would have helped my poor tutor try to drill some math sense into my head. I'm not suggesting that you let your kids use this app to get the answers to their work, but rather, use the tools inside the app so they can grasp the concepts and not have to rely on their phone calculator their whole lives.

Check out the video and then download the app. At home schooling isn't easy - you should make it a little easier on you because after all, you pay the bills so you shouldn't be stressing over seventh grade math.

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